Datacenter Consolidation

Improve your IT infrastructure by making it simple

CIOs today, constantly find themselves trying to satisfy a broad set of users who demand improvements in quality of service and increased availability, IT staffs asking for better manageability of their IT environment, and a board demanding reduced cost of overall IT spend. The solution to this problem very often lies in consolidating your data centers.

So what is Datacenter Consolidation?

Simply put — using technologies that will provide a smooth transition of your existing data center silos to a higher-performance, more cost-effective infrastructure without a major redesign. By consolidating your old data centers into one modern facility, you spend less, improve service delivery, and shorten time to market of new services.

So how can we help you achieve a successful consolidation?

To offer you the cost benefits associated with data center consolidation, we have chosen a Red Hat Linux-centric approach to OS consolidation because of its substantially reduced cost of service contracts and software subscription, ability to run on more types of hardware platforms, increased overall server workload utilization, flexibility, scalability and security.

To also improve the performance of your applications and maximize the availability of your data, we will go on to consolidate your storage based on software, not hardware, with Red Hat Linux storage servers — the foremost open software-defined storage solution; removing the physical limitations that come with traditional proprietary options.

Because we understand that a virtualization solution is the foundation of any data center consolidation project, we will consolidate your physical servers into virtual servers running Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization — a high-performance, end-to-end solution that’s available for both server and desktop virtualization.

Using RHEV, we will be offering you the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) obtainable from a virtualization solution, plus you benefit from management features which include live migration, high availability, load balancing, power saving, and more.

IT consolidation solves many of the problems prevalent in today’s datacenters, and Linux offers the most benefits to clients.