Systems + Storage

While we understand that IT environments differ from each other, we believe that our clients can gain by having an E-Merge Technologies’ systems/storage administrator who is familiar with the complexities of single to multi-site IT environments.

At E-Merge Technologies, we can easily help you improve your overall IT performance without increasing your cost. How? — Simple

  • A poorly designed and managed systems and storage infrastructure can quickly turn IT into a cost center; with applications constantly running out of storage, or server services not available when needed, making it difficult for CIOs to measure the overall benefits of IT spend.
  • First, our enterprise architects will carry out audits and reviews on your current IT environment, and subsequently recommend any required changes to set up and prepare you for a successful systems and storage performance improvements.
  • Then, we will deploy the necessary technical capacity that will engineer the implementation of changes in your systems; (servers, and desktops), and storage (software/hardware-based) environment.
  • Once complete, we will go on to ensure the High Availability and business continuity of our implementation by offering you the option of an ‘on-going’ maintenance plan.

What Are Your Benefits?

Expertise To Meet Your Needs

With a server and storage team consisting of highly skilled and experienced professionals whose responsibility is to design, install, configure, and maintain cluster nodes and enterprise storage systems in a single or multi-tier environment, we are well positioned to take on projects of any size.

Better Performance

E-Merge Technologies can ensure that your IT systems and storage continue to perform at peak efficiency. To achieve this, we will carry on with proper maintenance after initial installation, documenting every single change to your different systems and storage infrastructure, performing regular backups, and archiving system configurations.

Cost Savings

With advances in open source technologies, we can help reduce your total IT spend, and also eliminate vendor lock-in. You can further reduce your personnel and training cost by turning your server and storage systems administration functions over to E-Merge Technologies.