Network Access Control

Complete IT monitoring and alerting software for servers, networks, and applications.

Every organization needs a system that gives IT a clear picture of the devices and users already on the network (guest, contractors, business partners, etc.), allowing IT to better control malicious events that may take place.

At E-Merge Technologies, we understand that NAC is key to fully protecting users, endpoints, and the network infrastructure from threats to corporate data, allowing access to network resources, only to devices that have met a certain level of set security policies.

Our Network Access Control solution helps IT identify:

— Who is allowed to connect to the network
How are they allowed to communicate
— What are they allowed to connect to
— Where should they get access


Our NAC solution provides your IT with centralized management for both employee and guest access; either to the internet, or a select group of network resources, without exposing the rest of your network. This is achieved with the following features:

Flexible VLAN Management and Role-Based Access Control

Network isolation through VLAN assignment, and the use of roles support from many equipment vendors.

Guest Access (Bring-Your-Own-Device)

Guest VLAN, going out only to the internet. Different Profiles for your wired and wireless networks, or per-SSID.

Built-in Violation Types

A combination of detection mechanisms to effectively block access from particular devices.


For large and complex networks, automatic device registration by network devices, DHCP fingerprint, MAC address, and more.

Flexible Authentication

User authentication using industry protocols/standards; LDAP, RADIUS, OAuth2.

Bandwidth Accounting

Track the amount of bandwidth devices consume on the network.


Controlled access duration by date, window, or on device inactivity.


To identify the best NAC design for you, we will explore factors like the size of your network, class of devices, whether new or existing network, and much more. Our design will follow two broad approaches:

  • In-Line — with in-line NAC, we will place a NAC appliance in the flow of your network traffic, where it will function as a switch, with network traffic flowing through it. In-Line design offers better network monitoring, network anomalies detection, and tighter control over user behavior. Your IT will be able to control access to specific network resources, even after a device has connected to the network; post-admission control
  • Out-of-Band NAC accesses your network through one or more switches; it’s on the network, but does not allow traffic flow through it. Out-of-Band topology usually do not have the ability to monitor devices after they connect to your network.


  • The most common benefits of our NAC solution is the ability to control guest machine access to your network — for instance, a consultant coming in with a presentation on a laptop, accesses the LAN without putting the network in danger.
  • Another benefit is the control of unintentional attacks — such as when a user connects to your network without realizing his computer is infected with a worm.
  • And then there is the flexibility of denying and/or restricting access to data, for devices that have not met a defined security level, such as an up-to-date antivirus, or a certain patch level, preventing such devices from being used as an entry point for hackers.

Use Cases:


Give your guest better customer satisfaction by offering them a safe internet connection that can be easily configured to suit their needs.


Extend customers stay in your cafe/bar, as they take advantage of their breaks to read online newspapers, check e-mails, or shop online through your connection service.


Reduce traveler’s long-wait time by offering them connect services, integrated with online billing, so that you can handle online payments required to get proper network access.

Office Complex and Malls

Offer guest and shoppers, free or paid connection services, providing exclusive access to coupon pages, web-only deals, and more.