Packet Fence

Complete IT monitoring and alerting software for servers, networks, and applications.

At the core of our Network Access Control solution is PacketFence; an open source NAC solution that offers an impressive set of features that banks, universities, hospitals, hotels, telecoms, can take advantage of.

With PacketFence, you are able to provide your network visitors with a captive-portal for device registration, detect vulnerabilities on their device, proceed to isolate affected and problematic devices, and provide remediation for affected devices, all through an intuitive web portal. With a very tight integration with the Snort IDS and the Nessus vulnerability scanner; PacketFence can be used to effectively secure networks – from small to very large heterogeneous networks.


Out-of-Bound Deployment

When using the right technology; like port security, PacketFence can be deployed to scale geographically, with a single PacketFence server securing hundreds of switches and the nodes connected to them.

How it works

PacketFence policies are created to monitor abnormal network activities; computer virus, worms, spyware, etc. Once detected, an alert is fired, and suppression mechanisms containing actions to be taken for each violation, are initiated.

Authentication and Registration:

Wireless/Wired Integration

PacketFence device registration and authentication mechanism allows you to secure your wired and wireless networks the same way, using the same user database (AD, FreeRadius), and using the same captive portal.

Device Registration

Through an intelligent captive portal, PacketFence can be configure to authenticate your users/guess either by username and password pair, or by accessing device, before granting them access to your corporate network resources, or the internet.

We are able to use PacketFence to address your network security concerns, offering effective network modernization while reducing cost. Our network experts and integration specialist are able to demo, test, and deploy PacketFence into your production network within months.

With PacketFence, you can replace your aging and costly Cisco hardware with cheaper modern switches while maintaining the same level of security; improve network speed by decreasing P2P, media streaming, and gaming activities on your network; provide a unified solution for the wired and wireless networks.