Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Achieve modern IT with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

As businesses continue to experience precedented growth, it has become ‘too much’ of a cost to expand data center infrastructure in order to keep up with this growth.

Optimized for the modern data center, Red Hat Enterprise Linux will help organizations achieve the flexibility needed to make a seamless transition to next-generation data center models.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the premier platform for enterprise workloads, providing IT with innovative new technology, unprecedented reliability, scalability, performance, and security that is certified by NSA. Companies around the world trust Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers to handle millions of computing transactions in trades, purchases, and analysis everyday.

With support for all major hardware platforms and thousands of commercial and custom applications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the new standard for enterprise data center.

Features Of RHEL:

Resource Management

With its integral relationship with system hardware, RHEL offers advancements in managing processing, memory, storage and network resources. With it’s Cgroups (Control Groups) feature, system tasks can be grouped so that other system services can apply processing controls to them.

Integrated Virtualization

RHEL comes bundled with virtualization, and can function as an excellent virtualization host, or as a superior guest on any of the major hypervisors. It’s Kernel-based virtualization technology offers higher performance, live VM guest migration, and better resource management.

Designed-In Security

Technologies that control access to services and data. SELinux Kiosk Mode and Sandbox allows app developers run applications in a highly restricted container, limiting its ability to harm the host system environment.

Enterprise Manageability

With RHEL Smart Management modules and Satellite servers, infrastructures are able to centralize and automate common management functions so that data centers can scale systems without burdening IT.

Stable App Development Platform

With support for a wide variety of powerful development languages, and excellent debugging and tuning tools, app developers are able to develop and deploy software in an efficient, scalable, and secure manner. From Java, to PHP, Ruby Perl, TurboGears, RHEL is the development platform of choice.