Red Hat Enterprise Solutions

In today’s enterprise, CIOs understand that being able to deploy systems and infrastructures rapidly, with groundbreaking performance, security, and reliability is key to achieving overall business goals.

Red Hat is by far the leader in enterprise architecture. Founded in 1993, Red Hat, Inc. provides a range of products to the enterprise community. Primarily associated with its world-leading Open Source operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems, the company is helping to bring Linux and Open Source technologies into the mainstream, with the high-quality, low cost platforms they offer. No wonder Amazon, Google, BMW, IBM, McDonalds, and Union Bank are among the over 90% of Fortune 500 companies using Red Hat products and solutions.

To deliver measurable business values to our clients, E-Merge Technologies has positioned itself as a Red Hat Partner, with specialization in the following Red Hat Enterprise solutions —

Data Center Infrastructure

Improve your IT infrastructure by making it simple.
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Cloud Infrastructure

The Cloud technology platform from Red Hat that offers greater operational efficiency, room for innovation, and the most measurable cost savings.
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