Red Hat Virtualization

Improve efficiency, free up resources, and cut costs — without sacrificing performance, security, and existing investments.

As organizations continue to push the boundaries for reduced cost in IT spend, CIOs have turned to virtualization of their existing enterprise infrastructure to reduce the number of servers in their data centers while maintaining their workload, allowing developers to provision, develop, and change applications without the need for new hardware.

Built upon linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is an end-to-end virtualization solution, with a feature rich management system.


What makes RHEV stand-out

Browser-based Management System

Easily configure virtual machines to be highly available so that if a physical host fails, critical VMs restart immediately on another host in the cluster.

Resource Management

Policies can be set to automatically balance workloads on your servers.

Better TCO, Faster ROI

Reap the benefits of virtualization, at a fraction of the cost of other virtualization solutions.

Live Migration

Move virtual machines between physical host while it is still running without interrupting service, allowing IT to perform critical maintenance of virtual hosts, without application downtime.

Power Saver

Allows you to consolidate more virtual machines on fewer hosts, when demand is low, and expand when demand is high.

At E-Merge, we are able to deliver solution for complex virtualization projects. We have the expertise to help you automated your data centers using the Red Hat Virtualization solutions, so that you IT can respond to business dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before.