Small Business Server

Do you need the flexibility of Enterprise-grade Server, Network, and Gateway management solution, but don’t have the budget? Or perhaps you are looking for an alternative solution where you get to pay for only what use.

A solution delivered as a device (ClearBox), or that can be installed on any standard x86 commodity servers, ClearOS is a gateway server designed for small to medium businesses. A proven stable and highly modular platform that is easy to manage either locally, or remotely. With ClearOS, everything you need to configure for your infrastructure is centralized, with features to include:

A friendly web management interface that can be accessed from any device, allowing your IT administrators to have full remote access management of your infrastructure from anywhere.

Bundled security features that keeps out unwanted viruses, spam, and hackers off your infrastructure. You can keep your users in check by applying bandwidth utilization policies that apply to users, computers, or groups.

Flexibility to set up and manage any kind of server in minutes, from print to web servers.